ShopFriend app

ShopFriend is a social referral shopping app that leverages the expertise in many areas of friends and family and the power of Word of Mouth to offer more informed and clever shopping experience.


  • Creates a community of trusted fellows
  • Promotes Brand engagement and Loyalty
  • Offers access to all the referral programs in one app
  • Uses the Internet of Things network to promote Brand awareness in physical stores

See the current polls with the available time, create your own poll or check the needs of your friends. In the referrals, you can see what your friends are suggesting to you and get the referral code to use. In brand invites, your favourite brands have send you referrals you can use or send to your friends.

Vote to your friends poll and help them decide what to buy.

Check your friends’ needs and react by suggesting an item from your referrals, take a photo of an item while you shop or choose something from your brands’ invites.

View the areas of your expertise and find your rewards you got when your friends use your referrals.

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